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The answer to this lies solely in how quickly decisions can be made and content supplied. All content is required prior to starting. On average I like to complete all our projects between 4-6 weeks whenever possible. This allows weekly slots for set-up and installation, configuration and content, testing and tweaking and lastly the launch phase.
Yes! All my websites are built with the mobile-first approach and are fully responsive. Responsive Web Design ensures optimal viewing across a wide range of devices including SmartPhones, Tablets, Laptops and Desktop computers.
No! I do not provide hosting/domain name register services. Quite a lot of web design companies who "offer" web hosting are re-sellers who use the services of a dedicated web hosting company. I believe that my clients should have complete control over their website, which means a separate web hosting contract between my client and their host, which doesn't tie you to a particular website designer or company. I will be happy to advise you on hosting and domain name providers and the best packages for your website.
Yes, I am happy to advise you on both hosting and domain register services. I can advise on hosting companies & best packages to use for your website, or guide through you through a step-by-step process on how to choose and purchase these.
A CMS allows you to control and manage all the content (pages, images, news, product descriptions and prices, the list goes on) on your website - without technical training. If you can use a word processor such as Word, Pages or Open Office then using a Content Management System will be a piece of cake. I will provide training and/or detailed instructions on how to use the CMS and how to edit and update your website content.
Yes! Use my Contact form for a free, no obligation quote. Or email me if you prefer: info@1morepixel.co.uk
Yes! Once the project is complete and final payments received, the client is the rightful owner of the website. All I ask is the right to use screenshots and descriptions to use in my portfolio.
No! We agree on a fixed price which means you know exactly what you'll be paying. I always provide a quote before any work/project is started and costs are clearly documented. The only time I would charge additional fees is if the client wishes to add extra pages, content, images or features which were not included in the agreed quote. Charges for addtional work is always clearly communicated to you before any additional work is carried out.
If you approve the quote and choose to work with me, my payment terms are 50% deposit with the 50% balance due 4 weeks later, or upon delivery of the website if sooner. If you live in the United Kingdom I use direct banking. For international clients, I use PayPal as my payment processor, if you do not have a PayPal account you can choose to make payment with VISA or MasterCard.
Yes, I provide a number of maintenance services, wether it be once off or regular updates. Contact me to discuss the updates you require or I can send you my maintenance packages.

Points To Consider

Before you re/design your new website..

EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation):
Websites which are based in EU & EAA or do business within EU & EAA areas have to comply with GDPR.
If your website uses Analytics, collects any data and/or uses cookies your website is required to display a cookie notifcation. You also require a Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy explaining how you collect the data and how it is stored.
Users should also have the option to opt-in/out. You may also require SSL certifcates to keep data secure as it passes from your website.
For more information visit:

Web Security & SSL Certifcates:
The term “web security” covers a lot of ground, everything from virus protection to data encryption and more. SSL Certifcates use advanced encryption to prevent hackers from reading any data that passes to or from your site.
SSL Certifcates protect your customers' sensitive information by encrypting the data they send to you, then decrypting it once you've received it.
If your website asks customers for sensitive information – usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, etc. – your reputation depends on protecting every detail.
The world's #1 search engine favours HTTPS-encrypted websites and will push them higher in search results. So an SSL not only protects your customers but helps you fnd more of them.

WordPress Updates:
WordPress and its plugins and themes are like any other software installed on your computer or app on your devices. Periodically developers release updates which provide new features or fix known bugs.
To use newly developed features or to prevent potential bugs or remove existing ones, you should be keeping things up to date.
Regardless of their level of severity, software bugs must be fixed. As a user, when an update is released that fixes a bug, you should update as soon as possible to have the most secure and stable versions of the WordPress Core, plugins and/or themes.


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